Thursday, January 29, 2015

Back in Business... again

In May 2012 I un-published all old posts and promised that I "will be re-publishing any that I find Internet worthy." I also had plans to restart the vlog and make a website. Obviously none of that happened.

My friend +Tri Huynh has recently started a blog at which made me nostalgic about mine. I still want to restart the blog, vlog, and make a website, but judging from the past 2 years, that's not realistic.

So let's stick to what I've actually done...

Today, I've republished 2 posts (that's an infinite increase over last year's post count!), namely Yes, we can; we have to and Away from 'Home'. The first is from Obama winning his 2008 campaign. As of today, it's in the 20 most recent posts, which goes to show how much I've neglected the blog. The second is about a friend who moved to Vancouver and the thoughts she had when she was visiting Edmonton. At that time, I lived in Edmonton and Vancouver was not a part of my life. It's interesting to look back now that I've been living in Vancouver for nearly 3 years.

Outside the blog, I've recently gotten into photography and will be uploading my best photos to my 500px profile. Eventually when I feel I've stepped out of the beginner phase and into intermediate photography, I'll have a nice portfolio setup at

Let's cap it at that - leaving things out of this post gives me incentive to post more in the future.