Tuesday, May 08, 2012

In The Warehouse

After much deliberation I've decided to split my website-in-the-making into two parts.

twoperfect.ca will be my personal website, with things that I do for fun, such as this blog and my YouTube vlog. Later on I'll add a section for photography, travel, or any other hobby or interest I pick up.

twoperfect.ca on May 8, 2012

nodora.ca will be my professional portfolio, where I'll have my resume and list of major projects I've worked on. Once finished, this website will generally be static and will simply serve as more of an information website.

nodora.ca on May 8, 2012
(for those who aren't familiar, the background is Engineering paper)

As I mentioned in beeJ After University?, I'll be in the Philippines until the end of May. I'm bringing my laptop with me to work on this if I get any downtime but I don't expect to be working on it fully until mid-July. On the bright side, that gives me plenty of idea-generation time, though I already have plenty and can't wait until it's all complete!