Saturday, May 05, 2012

Back in Business

Having recently completed all the requirements for my Software Engineering degree, I'm at the lull in between school and the beginning of my career. Being in the cooperative program, I have consistently been on either a school or a work term. Come to think of it, I haven't had a break longer than a couple weeks since 2008!

Many people are out of town and StarCraft II, Modern Warfare 3, and the television have failed to keep me occupied in the mornings so my plans of restoring my blog and creating a personal website when I'm all settled into the beautiful British Columbia have been moved up to yesterday.

(After a couple hours of research) I registered with GoDaddy, purchased web hosting from HostGator, installed WampServer among other things and I've turned the lights back on on this old thing.

If you dig deep you'll find that this blog was started in 2007, when I was in Grade 12, which meant plenty of posts with terrible grammar (albeit intentional), stupidity, and possibly a dash of ignorance. That said, I've un-published all old posts and will be re-publishing any that I find Internet worthy.

New posts will hopefully be more (but not completely) objective and concise.